A large part of career has taken me around the world to shoot Documentary shows, Branded Content, Tourism, Narrative Short Films, and Travelogues. I've prepped gear and shot in harsh conditions as cold as the North end of the Arctic Circle, hot summer heat of Brazil, dry dust storms of the Desert and the damp rainforests of New Zealand

Below are just a few of the videos and series that I've shot for, around the world.

The Arctic
As part of Project Generator -- an small artist expedition led by Commander Chris Hadfield -- I got to travel through Greenland and the Canadian High Arctic on a Russian Ice Breaker, shooting video segments that put us on glaciers, helicopters, remote ice beaches.

Geneva, Switzerland
Deep underground the French/Swiss border is the Large Hadron Collider, the worlds most powerful particle accelerator. Twice in my career I've got to visit CERN, to shoot interview feature pieces for Adam Savage's Tested.

Budapest, Hungary
While on assignment in collaboration with Alcon Entertainment to shoot Behind the Scenes for Blade Runner 2049, i got to visit the rural caves and sound stages of Budapest that have been used to shoot dozens of feature films.

Havana, Cuba
Continuing my work with Cloth Map, I got to travel through Havana to discover the underground gaming networks that have been set up, due to restricted access.

Rio de Janeiro / São Paulo, Brazil
As Field Producer and Cinematographer for the documentary show, Cloth Map, I filmed inside Favelas, sporting events, and public markets, covering the video game industry from the perspective of Brazil.