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Projects presented in stereoscopic 3D meant to be viewed in VR headsets — shot with custom camera rigs.

Checking the shot with the ZCAM K1 Pro Camera rig that I built out for the Tested VR Project.

Checking the shot with the ZCAM K1 Pro Camera rig that I built out for the Tested VR Project.

Tested VR is a 3D-180 project I shot and directed, in partnership with Oculus, to create an immersive experience that brings the audience into the shops of eight different makers across the country.

To pull this off, I created a custom rig using the latest in 3D stereoscopic cameras as well as spatial audio with ambisonic microphones to create a surround sound that moved with the perspective of the audience.

During this process we problem solved a lot of potential issues that come up with VR filmmaking, such as: comfortability, focus distances, adding extra assets like PIP, 3d Models, color correction, masking…

The end product of Tested VR really shows off what can be done the the 3D180 VR format.

You can see from the reviews below that the project not only connected with our audience, but really showed people the potential of the format.

I’ve spent the last 6 months testing, tweaking, shooting, editing, and publishing in 3D VR, and as a specialist in this form of new media, I’m open and excited to help other productions with consultation or production work.

Trailer for Tested VR

quotes from Reviews

A fantastic experience for everyone

I love Tested and I've loved Adam Savage since the Mythbuster days. This app is fantastic. The presentation is excellent and the video quality is some of the best 3d Stereo out right now. Period. […]

Completely thought out VR content
It's not just a half baked 180 video, the creators of this content have thought of everything to make the videos so much more engaging to learn. For instance, there's a lot of 'picture in picture' style pop up videos that get close up when a vr camera would not work. […] This is something you can't do in any other medium right now and the fact that they have implemented it so well makes this a great watching experience. […]

Just one word STEREOSCOPIC!!!
[…] when I saw what kind of rig they had to shoot these film sequences I'm jumping for joy. It's not that crappy 360 camera everyone associates VR movies with now, but stereoscopic dual camera, that makes it feel like you're there. […]

So Good I Would've Paid For It.
Visually? The best 3D 180° video on Quest I've ever seen.

Articles and Press

If you’re into really getting into the weeds of how we approached this production, read the full interview I did with Oculus that talks about our process.
DIY Delights: Enjoy Build Videos from Eight Makers in ‘Adam Savage’s Tested VR’ on Oculus Go and Quest

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