Adam savage's is a website and youtube channel (with more than 4 million subscribers) that covers technology, science, special effects in film, and the maker culture. It's composed of a tight team of well-versed contributors and professionals, led by Adam Savage. As the Director of Production for the team, I have worked on nearly every facet in the organization since it's inception; whether thats multi-cam broadcast live mixing, to run and gun event coverage, comprehensive interviews, documentary filmmaking, hiring and managing freelancers, and directing teams to execute branded content deals.

Adam, Norm, and myself worked together with the crew at Weta Workshop and Wingnut Films (2018) to produce a short film that complimented a larger editorial launch.


A 3-part, 22-minute show pilot for The Zoe Bell Curve (2018), which I directed for Whalerock Industries.


The Talking Room (2014)
An Interview Series hosted by Adam Savage, featuring guests: John Landis, Jason Reitman, David Chang, Tom Sachs, Vince Gilligan, Damon Lindeloff, and more.



Sizzle Reel from Tested Features, Events, Branded Content


A sizzle reel of my work on from our programming in 2014 and 2016.