Gear List
Below is a list of the gear that i own, and rent out.
However, I have good relationship with local rental companies, to put together packages like: Arri Alexa, Red Dragon, and Sony Venice.


  • Panasonic GH5 & GH5s: 4K cameras with built in stability for smooth gimbal shots as well as low light performance.

  • Blackmagic Micro & Pocket Cameras: MFT Camera systems with rigging for action and crash cam shots.

  • Rigging: Rail systems, shoulder pads, arm extension, power and battery solutions with both Anton Bauer and V-Mount standards

  • Monitors: On board camera monitors as well as remote Directors Monitors.

  • Satchler Tripod Full & Manfrotto High Hat: For those locked off high and low shots.

  • Light Weight Slider


  • Aputure 120d & 200d: a near 1K and 2K light equivalent, with many modifiers for soft-boxes, fresnels, and area lights.

  • Quasar Tubes: Fluorescent lighting fixtures, daylight to tungsten

  • Kinoflo Diva Lights: Kino systems of fluorescent

  • Various LED Light Panels: For any occasion.

  • Hidden Lights: For rigging in small places or for underwater rigs.

Grip and Others

  • C-Stands: Baby and Large.

  • Combo Stands: Baby and Large.

  • 6x6 Lighting Frame: with diffusers and duvetyne.

  • Light Stands: of all Flavors

  • Appleboxes

  • Sandbags

  • Wedges