Behind the scenes / EPK

A large part of my professional career has been to produce hosted, behind the scenes material, for in collaboration with production companies, distribution companies, and the marketing agencies involved with the film.


Blade Runner 2049


Alcon Entertainment

In October of 2016, I traveled to Budapest, Hungary to visit the sets and the prop masters of Blade Runner 2049, to direct a small crew and create documentary style behind the scenes features.


Alien: Covenant


20th Century Fox

in August of 2016, I traveled to Sydney, Australia with a small team of producers to create multiple features as part of a multi-phase marketing plan.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Walt Disney Studios

We visited Tippet Studios to find out how they brought the stop motion animation "Holochess sequence" back to life for the reboot of the franchise.


Mortal engines


Universal Pictures

We sat down with the filmmakers and producers of Mortal Engines to have an in depth conversation about the making of the movie, before heading back to our own studio to recreate one of the props.


Ghost in the Shell


Paramount Pictures

With a team of producers, we created a series showcasing the incredible costume design, animatronics, and visual effects work by Weta Workshop.


Weta Workshop

Wellington, New Zealand

Weta Workshop

On multiple occasions, we have visited Weta Workshop to showcase all aspects of their on various feature films, ranging from conceptual and pre-production material, practical and digital effects, model making, miniature construction, prop design, and animatronics.


Aardman Animations

Aardman Animations

For the release of the film, Early Man (2018), we visited Aardman animation -- home of Wallace and Grommit -- to tour the studios and do a series of behind the scenes videos on their filmmaking process.