Tested: arctic (dir.)

A short film documentary about a filmmakers personal journey through the Canadian High Arctic. A film made in part of the Generator: Arctic Expedition led by Chris & Evan Hadfield.

Luthier (2015)

A profile of a luthier based out of New York who has been making guitars out of the reclaimed lumber of historic landmark buildings of the city. 

A short featurette on, profiling Theo Jansen -- the Dutch artist, and creator of the wind powered, Strandbeest. Hosted by Adam Savage, shot and cut by Joey Fameli.

Part of YouTubes "Geek Week", this profile piece on the Wall-E builders club founding member was featured on NBC's Today show, as well as many other aggregate sites, getting it to more than 6 million views on Youtube. Hosted by Norm Chan, and shot and edited by Joey Fameli.