Joey Fameli

Filmmaker based out of Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA.

I cut my teeth on short films and music videos in the early 2000's, and since then have expanded my expertise into travel and event based video producing, as well broadcast live-mix productions, and behind the scenes featurettes for films and special effects.

Most of my work recently has been as a dual Director/Cinematographer role for short form narrative and docustyle as well as experimental VR-immersive content.

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Adam Savage, Editor and Chief Tested, EP/Host Mythbusters

“Joey Fameli is a filmmaking machine of the highest order. His shooting, editing, and writing are all first class, And I’ve learned much from him over the years in our collaboration. I’ve traveled around the world with him and love his prodigious output as well as his calm and easy demeanor. “

Jon Finger, Filmmaker

Joey’s cinematography combines craft, vision, and collaboration in a way that most struggle to balance. He’s a talented and humble director in his own right, who can help troubleshoot or offer new story driven ideas to elevate your project. Because of Joey’s experiences taking on all aspects of production across the globe he is an efficient and adaptive collaborator that adds a sense of stability to working in a very unstable medium. He is keen to maintain the director’s vision and authority so he will not only help you accomplish your goals but you will look good doing it.

Mike Sloat, Director Roaring Mouse Productions

Joey is always excited and enthusiastic on every project, and is incredibly knowledgable when it comes to film and video. We have seen him quickly rise from helping set up equipment, to traveling around the world, creating his own incredibly well thought-out films. His knowledge of new equipment and techniques is far beyond most people I know in the industry! He's a very creative and easy collaborator to work with, and I always look forward to creating something new with him.

Jeanae Melisa, Director Abstractions

Joey is amazing and I am so grateful to have worked with him! He was able to bring our vision and story to life. He is collaborative, supportive, and detailed. He was very professional and always willing to do anything in order to make sure we got the shots that we wanted! He brought his warmth and a smile to set everyday, ready to create magic! Our film came out exactly how we imagined, but better, thanks to his knowledge, skill set, and passion! We would definitely work with him again. Beautiful work!


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